Parkinson's Care Services in Houston, TX

Parkinson's Care Services in Houston, TX by Certified Professionals


Parkinson’s affect one of one million Americans and it takes one diagnosis to flip the life of the patient upside down. Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative brain disorder that negatively affects the muscle movement and control of the patient. We know how Parkinson’s affect the patients and everyone surrounding it. Therefore, we at Houston Caregiver has started our in-house Parkinson's Care Services in Houston, TX, for people who are in need of flexible and 24X7 caregivers for their loved ones. 

All our caregivers are properly trained and certified for carrying out all the tasks associated with the condition. Our compassionate and skilled caregivers help in establishing a compassionate and friendly bond with the patient, ensuring they are safe and take care of. We ensure all our customers experience a comfortable and stress-free environment. 

We are always there with your loved ones to help them nudge through exercises, prepare their meals, help them relax and even talk them to sleep. Our talented caregivers are trained for constant surveillance with patients and help them with their changes in posture and expression. 

Professional Caregivers at our Parkinson's Care Services in Houston, TX are immensely experienced in their field and knows how to help patients during tremors and muscle stiffness, eliminating any chances of falling. 

We help you with:

· Nutrition and Meal Planning

· Personal Supervision and Home Safety

· Daily Mobility

· Exercise

· Transportation

· Family caregiver relief

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